Tips for remaining happy and healthy during the lockdown

Tips for remaining happy and healthy during the lockdown

Many people may be finding that they are starting to struggle as the lockdown goes on.   To help you through this here are some top tips to help you remain happy and healthy.


  • Don’t think too far ahead – instead take it one day at a time or plan in week blocks at a time. Remember nobody knows how long the lockdown will last.


  • Set yourself some goals or targets to work towards and tick them off as you achieve them.


  • Ensure that you have things fun to do in your diary whether this is meeting up with your friends via Zoom or skyping your parents or family members.


  • If you are isolating with others, ensure that you all have a room where you can be on your alone if needed to enjoy some peace and quiet.


  • Be aware of the impact that stress is having on those around you during the isolation period and try to do what you can to help.


  • Have a regular routine with activities or things to do each day


  • Make sure you are eating regular meals everyday


  • Take advantage of your daily opportunity to go out for a walk, run or cycle.


  • Look out for those who are self-isolating on their own whether it be by calling them once a week, texting them every day to make sure they are okay.


  • If the weather is nice, go outside in your garden, balcony or yard and enjoy the sunshine


  • Don’t stay in bed all day because you have got nowhere to bed. Instead, ensure that you get up every day and get dressed.


  • Ensure that you still have times to laugh and smile during the lockdown period whether this is watching comedy programmes, funny films, having virtual laughs with your friends.


What are you doing to stay happy and healthy during the lockdown? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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