Summer beauty essentials – Ways to keep cool but still look fresh in the heat

Summer is fast approaching meaning we all need to kickstart our beauty essentials as we don’t want our makeup to vanish in the heat. Here are a few of the most essential items you need to add into your summer makeup bag.


  1. BB cream- the perfect alternative to foundation is BB cream, the benefits is that it isn’t as thick as foundation so will leave you feeling cooler it also gives you a natural glow which is also perfect for summer.


  1. Shimmery eye shadow- using a brown or gold shimmer on your eyes is great for the warm summer days and it looks absolutely amazing, simply popping a little bit on your eye lid will make your eyes stand out and look glowing all day long.


  1. Highlighter and bronzer- arguably the most important items in your summer makeup bag, highlighter will add shine to your skin making it look healthy and will beam off the sun rays, with bronzer giving you that sun kissed feel without having to bathe in the sun for hours on end.


Adding these beauty essentials to your makeup bag will have you looking totally fabulous all through the summer period.


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