Signs You Are At Your Happy Weight

Signs You Are At Your Happy Weight

Here’s how to know if you’re there.

1. You’re not hung up on numbers

“Focusing on your weight creates more problems than it cures. I would even take the kilos out of it completely, and focus on just getting your body functioning at its very best.”

2. You work out because it gives you wings

“It is absolutely about your body’s ability to move around in the world, to get through the workout, or run after the bus or play with the kids without getting puffed! That’s why it’s great to train for what you actually want to do in life.”

3. You eat for max energy

“If you overeat you’ll feel sluggish and bloated, but if you restrict yourself you’ll feel tired and deprived, so it’s really about finding the balance that helps your body thrive.”

4. You’re tuned-in to natural stress busters

“A well-functioning body is also about understanding what ways of eating and moving your body help you feel calm, clear-headed and able to effectively deal with the stresses life throws your way.” wh


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