Men’s Winter Wardrobe Staples

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Men’s Winter Wardrobe Staples

Summer is long behind us and with the wind getting stronger, rain pouring down and the worry of snow in the back of everyone’s minds you definitely need some warm and stylish wardrobe staples. Here are three of the most essential.

A Peacoat

This sleek and smart coat is perfect for going from the office to a crisp evening walk around Christmas markets or breezy weekends and will make even a jumper and jean combination seem effortlessly stylish.

A parka

Long-gone are the days or giant padded parkas that your mum forced you into before school saying “don’t worry about being ‘cool’ you should worry about being cold.” Now there are plenty of parkas that are smart and stylish, with removable hoods for milder days and clever designs to maximise heat without adding to bulkiness.

Phone-friendly gloves

Your hands shouldn’t suffer this winter just because you’re permanently glued to your phone. There are plenty of gorgeous gloves now that are smartphone friendly, and such designs can be found in wool, navy or cotton so you have plenty of choice. Never suffer the one warm hand, one cold phone hand problem again!


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