Getting your dating game right on trend

The hottest dating trends – Getting your dating game right on trend

Sick of constantly swiping on tinder in the hopes to find your perfect match, why not put down the phone and get on top of these dating trends that will have everyone super liking you.

Time to delete all the dating apps on your phone because face to face dating is totally in right now getting away from the phone screen and meeting up with your potential partners is the best way to get to know someone even in a causal setting it is so much better than sending text messages back and forth.

Prepare to get more adventurous as gone are the days of romantic evening meals, singles are craving for more excitement in their first dates, taking your date somewhere out of the ordinary will get not only the adrenaline pumping but potentially more of a romantic spark.

Mindfulness and kindness are super in this year for relationships and as it should be! Being more appreciative of your partner and showing them the love, they deserve is way sexier than your looks, personality is key and reminding your partner that you love them is always on trend.


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