Tips for taking part in National Walking month

Tips for taking part in National Walking month

As May is national walking month and here are some ways that you can take part despite the lockdown.

  • Go out for a walk with the members of your household.
  • Try a walking phone meeting with your friend and family.
  • Try to find some greenery while you are out such as a park, tree lined streets or nature spot and listen out for the bird song and see if you can spot any other wildlife.
  • Go for a walk before or after you work
  • Take photos of things that you see whilst out walking such as blossom in the trees, ducks on the local lake, flowers, etc.
  • If you are shielding or unable to go out find ways to do exercise at home. There are lots of online resources such as

to help with this.

  • Walk to the local shops instead of driving to the out of town supermarket.
  • Enjoy a scavenger hunt with your children – e.g. counting how many rainbows you see in people’s windows, how many ladybirds etc.
  • Go on walking adventure and perhaps walk somewhere locally you have never been before and see what you find.
  • If you have children let them lead the way and decide where you go.
  • Share the highlights of you walk with your friends and family on social media

For more hints, tips, resources and ideas for taking part in national walking month visit .  Why not share what you have been up to on social media using the hashtag #TRY20.






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