Celebrity top tips for going vegan in 2020

Celebrity top tips for going vegan in 2020

As we are just one week into Veganuary 2020 and with the vegan diet becoming more and more popular here are some top tips from some celebrities who have adopted a vegan diet:

  • Replace eggs with Mung beans like Kim Kardashian has done since turning vegan in June 2019.
  • Ease yourself into switching to a vegan diet like Megan Markle who eats vegan food during the week and eats more flexibly at the weekend.
  • Use social media to seek inspiration for dishes to cook like Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea does and share pictures and recipes of your dishes.
  • Remove all non-vegan products from your house like former glee star Lea Michelle has done.
  • Be like Ariana Grand when it comes to eating out and ensure that you always have a backup option as it can be tricky to find something suitable.
  • Use apps to locate vegan restaurants close to where you live as Tiffany Watson does.
  • Be like Ellen Pompeo stock up on grains, lentils, rice and beans.
  • Ditch burgers and opt for meat substitutes like Kate Mara
  • Take Natalie Portman’s advice and ensure that you have stocked up on vitamins.
  • Eat tofu instead of meat as Peter Dinklage does.
  • When opting for a takeaway follow Billie Eilish and use UberEats to discover places close to where you live.



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