The best beauty essentials for lazy girls

The best beauty essentials for lazy girls

Whether you’re off to a festival where getting ready in a tent seems impossible or you just don’t want to waste the weather by spending an hour on your beauty routine, here are some of the best fast-fix beauty essentials.

For fast drying nails

Hate waiting for your nail varnish to dry and always end up smudging them even when you think they’ve set? Use Miracle Drops by Leighton Denny and be ready to go at a moments notice.

For a customisable tan

Want a summer glow but can’t stand the biscuit smell, the streaks and products that always turn you burnt orange or way too dark for your skin-tone? These Beach Glow Tan Drops make a tan that’s perfect for you, just use 1-2 drops for the face and 2-3 for the body, or more if you want to go darker and the best part is there’s no fake-tan smell!

For all-day luscious lashes

Finding a mascara that promises length, lift and curl that won’t crumble or go clumpy and is waterproof can be a nightmare, but Eyeko are leading the way with it’s huge range os mascaras including a unique bespoke mascara service. Their Beach Waterproof Mascara offers soft, volumized lashes that will last from beach to bar and contains sunscreen and coconut oil to keep your lashes protected and stop colour from running.


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