The best brunch spots in London

The best brunch spots in London

The sun is shining but who knows how long for, so it’s time to make the most of it with a leisurely brunch in some of London’s best brunch spots.

Bad Egg

If you like your brunch with a little more punch Bag Egg is the spot for you. Expect all-you-can-eat options including Friday ‘Frunch’ with or without booze, hearty American classics like pancakes, pulled pork and peanut butter and a soundtrack that will get you raring for the rest of the weekend.


If delicious meats and sweet treats are the brunch staples of your dreams then Dehesa will serve you right. With a whole section of the menu devoted to fine-swine-dining, you’ll find sumptuous Spanish style hams and chorizo in all forms, while for a sugar rush you can choose churros with chocolate or waffles with caramelised apples and whipped yoghurt.

Mac and Wild

If there’s one place that will kill a hangover, it’s Mac and Wild. Full of Scottish charm and famously decadent portions like deep fried haggis nuggets, venison scotch eggs or the workings of a full Scottish breakfast inside a brioche bun will leave you with a celtic kick to the system.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

While this bakery may have gone viral for its Cronuts – a pastry hybrid of croissant and doughnut that had people queueing for hours – it also offers perfect brunch options to grab and sit with friends in the sunshine for a relaxed feel. Try a welsh rarebit croissant for a familiar yet decadent breakfast option or pressed Cuban sandwich for a hearty and flavourful way to start the day.


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