Ways to get your sex drive back in gear

By Elin Tuckwood

Loss of libido is a very common problem for not only men but also in women too, and sometimes we all find talking about our sex lives a little embarrassing and personal but that shouldn’t always be the case .

There are plenty of things you can do to change your low sex drive and most of them are easily done and can be worked on at home. Making changes to your lifestyle such as exercising can do wonders for your sex life, regularly doing exercise builds up your stamina as well as it making you feel good about yourself through the endorphins it gives off. This will make you feel body positive and, in the mood, to get more intimate with yourself or your partner.

Reducing stress is also a big way to get that sex drive back into gear, stress makes you feel more uncomfortable and conscious about yourself so doing some simple steps such as breathing or even using a meditation app such as “Headspace” can help you to de stress your mind, doing this will work absolute wonders for your sex drive getting you back in the mood.

Communication is the key to a healthy and happy sex life, talking to your partner and being open and honest with them builds a stronger and more intimate relationship making you feel more comfortable communicating to them your sexual needs and also desires. Just simply telling your partner what you would like and what you don’t like in the bedroom will kickstart that excitement for intimacy and improve your sex life as well as the drive for sex.

One of the most important ways to get your sex drive back is to practice self-love, setting aside the time for some cosy time with yourself will help you learn all the things about your own body and will allow you to embrace and love yourself. As selfish as it sounds it all starts with you and putting yourself first in terms of your sex life will create more of a wish for sex.

Making these simple changes to your lifestyle will improve and increase your sex drive as well as making the way for more exciting and enjoyable sex


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