According to the mental health charity Mind, every single week in the UK 6 in 100 people will be diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder, with under 50% ever accessing treatment to help improve their mental well-being.

With this in mind, the Balance team has put together some of our favourite tips for boosting your mood this month, from kick-starting those all-important endorphins through exercise to enjoying the Vitamin D from the upcoming heatwave – these are simple to implement and can really make a difference to how you feel.

Eat the rainbow

We all know that a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy body and mind, but did you know they all have different benefits – many of which are based on their colour? Studies have shown ‘eating a rainbow’ has a direct effect on your mood, thanks to the combination of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. In particular, more purple additions to your diet can improve brain function and going green can lower your blood pressure. So there you have it – eating a colourful mix of fruit and veg can not only help your body thrive but also give your brain a boost.

Work up a sweat

The simplest way to up your endorphins is to get moving. Regular exercise has a profoundly positive effect on mental health, being particularly helpful for those with depression, anxiety and stress, but did you know it also helps regulate your sleep and boost your overall mood? Pick an activity that makes you feel good, pop on some music that gets your serotonin popping and say bye-bye to the blues.

Chase the Vitamin D

Getting out and absorbing some of that all-important vitamin D matters more than ever. Scientists say the morning is the best time to get outside and soak up some of that mood-boosting magic. On top of that, filling your lungs with fresh air is equally good for brain function. Finding it hard to find the time to embrace the great outdoors? It’s easy to get an additional vitamin D top-up with supplements.

Take a tech break 

Having a strategic break from technology can have a profound impact on your mental well-being. We all love our mobile phones and streaming the latest box set on Netflix but it’s not always to the benefit of our brains. Experts say planning regular digital detoxes can not only ease general anxiety but also increase overall happiness. Try spending an hour reading, journaling or talking with a friend instead of scrolling and see if the fog lifts.

Be kind to yourself 

It’s important to practice being kind to yourself. Set yourself achievable goals and remember to celebrate the small wins this month. Set time aside for yourself and do more of what makes you feel good. That might be going for a walk, meditating, manifesting or simply taking the time to rest, guilt-free. Whatever you do: do it for you.


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