Tips to Solve Losing Your Sunglasses

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Tips to Solve Losing Your Sunglasses

With summer there’s no doubt that half of us are going to lose our favourite pair of sunglasses at some point.

Whether leaving them drunk on a pub bench, riding the bus or laid out enjoying the sun half way round the world, losing sunglasses can be expensive, annoying and bad for your eyes.

But there’s a few simple ways that you can improve the odds of you having them when you need them.

Firstly, you need a routine with them. Always set them down in the same place wherever you are. At home always keep them in the same drawer. Whilst out always clip them to your shirt and avoid setting them down. In the car tuck them away into the pocket of a door. Just make sure you always keep them in the same place.

Next if you opt to buy a case for them you’ll be making them harder to forget and easier to store when on the move. So many people avoid putting sunglasses in their bag as they risk damaging them, if you get a case then there is no chance of scratched lenses or broken arms. And you crying.

If you’re willing to risk your street cred and coolness, then a lanyard is one of the best options you have for always keeping hold of your sunnies. Sure, you’ll look a bit like you’re a sexy secretary or skier, but you’ll find you have far less chance of losing your sunglasses.

The last option to avoid the upset of losing your sunglasses is to buy cheap ones. And buy a few pairs. This means that you’re not having to desperate ring around looking for your pair of £100 Ray-Ban’s and can simply forget about the past and move onto an identical pair of fake bans.


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