Magic Garden at Hampton Court

The new magical garden at Hampton Court Palace. March 13 2016.

ome face to face with mysterious mythical beasts, storm the battlements, besiege the towers and explore the secret grotto. The Magic Garden at Hampton Court provides a new and unique way for your family to explore the palace’s past.

Each area represents myths, legends, stories and even real objects that can be found at Hampton Court. Once you have ticked everything off in the garden, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover those real objects in and around the palace.

Peak times in the Magic Garden

During busy periods, your time in the Magic Garden may be limited to a maximum of 90 minutes. Coloured wristbands are distributed and staff will be around to advise visitors. To ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable experience we may have to suspend entry at times. Don’t forget that you will be able to revisit the garden later in the day if capacity allows.


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