Tips and tricks to help mums de-stress

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Tips and tricks to help mums de-stress

Being a parent is often cited as one of the most exhausting and busy things you can do, as you have to keep a million things in mind at any one time, so how can you actually switch off and relax when you get the chance? Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Make time for yourself. Now some people might ask ‘HOW?’ but it’s not the length of time that matter, it’s the quality. Use the help of a partner, family or friends to make sure you get even 20 minutes to enjoy a leisurely shower and pamper yourself or a much needed nap!
  • Try meditation. One of the most popular calming technique are the arts of meditation and deep breathing. Download some relaxing spa music or a guided meditation podcast to listen to early in the morning or just before bed to help melt the stress away.
  • Establish a support network. Everyone needs someone to offload their stress to or discuss similar issues, and being a mum is no exception. See if there are any mother-baby play groups in your area and tag along, having a group of people who are all going through the same as you can make you feel less stressed and help you to build new friendships.

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