Your Quarantine Survival Guide 

Your Quarantine Survival Guide 

NLP toolkits to overcome Corona Cabin Fever

So this is our new reality. The reality of confinement where we reinvent our routines, the way that we work, connect with our loved ones and ourselves. It is a scary thought to think that we are now living a cycle where we are unsure when or/if we will regain our freedom as roaming free souls on this beautiful planet. 

But at the same time we are being given an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves on much deeper levels, breaking through the deepest layers of our psyche as we face our shadows. We have the time now to get real with who we are and what we came here to do, as our world as we know it is being put on hold. 

We finally can get comfortable with detaching from everything that validates us. From our work and external achievements that we prioritised. From that unconscious anxiety of “feeling busy” where we don’t have the time to do the things that we love or be where we want to be.

We now have the time to sit with our own energy and have no distractions. To be with ourselves and feel everything we need to feel to shift our own energy blocks in order to become who we really are. To understand that probably for the first time in our lifetimes, we are all living the same reality. That we are equal in our existence and what we are facing as a collective. 

This is an opportunity to face ourselves. To deepen our understanding of the self & to heal ourselves so we can in turn heal the planet. 

As the physical momentum has stopped, our planet as we know it also has the opportunity to regenerate itself and respond to the internal work we are doing. 

As a Coach who studies the neuroscience of leadership, I wanted to focus this article on giving you toolkits to help you own the overwhelming effects of confinement to overcome any cabin fever that may arise over the next few weeks. 

It is week one of lockdown for many of us with many cities soon to follow and I wanted to take the opportunity to inspire you on how to conquer the mind and our sacred spaces. 

Feeling trapped is simply an illusion

Toolkit 1: A Powerful Morning Wake-up 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Maintaining the same rhythm as you work from home is essential for your sanity. But so is how you set the tone for the day. Don’t just start doing things on your to-do list. More than ever before you must prioritise how you want to feel and respond to what the day could bring so you can prepare yourself to be centered in contrast due to the fact that contrast always exists. I am also a firm believer that our morning rituals should be defined by how our body feels so we can respond with what it needs.

The most effective first morning decision should be to MOVE and think grateful thoughts. So I challenge you to: 

  • Think three simple thoughts of gratitude that represent the morning setting (how warm you feel in bed, how soft the sheets are, how your bed has served you a good night’s sleep) 

Then follow with a full-body shake off releasing all manifested tension to move any trapped energy and visualising anything that feels blocked/trapped leaving the body.

It is insanely powerful to move your body with intention as it allows us to become more aware of energy as a physical form and how we can shift it in our favour to feel more at ease and liberated within ourselves.

You can then follow the morning wake-up with whatever feels natural to you: A morning power dance, yoga, a cold shower, or a beautiful warm cup of coffee. Whatever it is that brings you joy in the morning, make that moment belong to you. 

Toolkit 2: Home fantasy

Photo by Jonas Ferlin from Pexels

I feel like a lot of people take the concept of home for granted. More so than being a physical space where we retreat to sleep, eat, change & clean in between our active activities. Our home’s can also serve as our sacred space to serve our higher power. 

Within our homes we can create whole new worlds of existence. From the working operational corner to the meditation booth & our extravagant dining table (that may only have two little stools). The power of the mind in how we perceive our home is what can play a significant role in how we feel in our space. 

So this toolkit is called “Home Fantasy”

As you roam around your home, create your fantasy world and imagination to expand the space into your ideal setting. Feel the emotions that represent this fantasy world and maintain that vibration and you will find a new way to connect with your own space then you ever have done before. Let your inner-child guide you. We were all born with the capacity to invent completely new realities and now is the perfect time to feel new appreciation for your space. 

Live in the excitement, curiosity & overstimulated emotions of the new adventures you can have in your ideal world. You are the creator of your own reality, in every sense and every scenario. 

Toolkit 3:  Create from source

As the world is put on hold and most cabin fever cases arise from restlessness & irritability. It is your duty to override these negative emotions by connecting with the way you create and allow yourselves to do things in a new way. 

We are entering a new age of existence, so it is also perfectly normal that you feel differently about doing the things you used to do and this is simply because you are being called to do new things that are more aligned with who you are becoming. 

Overcome the resistance. You are being guided to shift. 

To create new things. To think in new ways. To begin again. 

So take te opportunity to tune in. Let the inspiraton show itself and live the question.

“What should I create right now? What do you want me to focus on?”

Let the inner voice be the guide. Take the pressure off the conscious mind. It is no longer up to you.  

Live the question & enjoy the process. 

You will find that it feels a-lot more liberating when you surrender to having control over the what and the how. 

Your mind will feel clear and your soul will respond accordingly. 

I hope these toolkits can serve you during this challenging time and you can enjoy the process of rediscovering your inner being & your home. 

You are a powerful, expansive being. 

It is time to show this new earth what you are made of. 

About the Author: 

Cristina Lopez is an executive & performance coach. Cristina uses brain-based methods & extensively studies the neuroscience of leadership. She has coached leading business executives, social media influencers, & tech founders in Madrid, London, NY & San Francisco. Her goal is to bridge the gap between science & spirituality to improve performance & overall well-being.


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