Revealed: the most eligible single over 50s

Revealed: the most eligible single over 50s

Lumen – the #1 dating app for over 50s – has revealed the most eligible singles on their app.

The final six were compiled from a long list of more than 250,000 single over 50s, who have joined the Lumen app since it launched in September last year.

Appearing in a glamorous photo shoot, the three women and men, all aged between 50 and 60, receive 275% more profiles views and 280% more messages than the average user on Lumen.

Charly Lester, Co-founder and CMO of Lumen, commented:

“As the first dating app dedicated to over 50s, we were keen to see which of the 250,000 members who have joined us since September were the most popular. We’ve looked at what had made them so successful to compose some useful online dating tips for anyone looking for love.”

 Angela, 50


Angela is 50 and works as an Admin and Customer Services Assistant. She receives twice as many profile visits and four times as many messages compared to the average female. Following a 24-year-relationship, which ended 11 years ago, she is more confident than ever as is looking for “someone tall and handsome, with nice teeth!”

Rob, 60

Rob is 60 and works in security and facilities. He’s looking to find someone to enjoy experiences with. He has not been married before, has been single for a year, and is now looking for a genuine connection. He receives six times the number of profile views and three times the number of messages compared to the average male

 Kamay, 56

Kamay is a 56-year old model from London, who has received four and a half times the number of profile visits and three times the number of messages compared to the average woman. Kamay married and divorced young and has had a few relationships since. She would like to meet someone that is witty, kind and with “a richness in their heart and soul.”

Antimo, 52

Antimo is 52 and a professional chef and yoga instructor. He was born in Italy and lives in London. He has three children from a marriage that ended a decade ago and is looking for a strong woman with a beautiful smile and a love of sports. He receives three times the number of profile visits and 2.3 more messages compared to the average male.

Genevieve, 58

Genevieve is 58 and a retired French & Spanish teacher, before which she worked in the airline industry. She receives three times more profile visits and messages compared to the average user. She’s looking for someone professional, sophisticated, and well spoken. She loves art and culture and speaks three languages.

Joel, 50

Joel is 50 and a corporate catering entrepreneur. He has two young daughters. He’s looking for someone fun, loyal and family orientated. He receives four times more profile visits and eight times more messages than the average male.

 Online dating advice and tips from Charly Lester, Co-Founder of Lumen

  1. Be honest. It’s important to be the best version of yourself, but not an aspirational one. If you aren’t honest about what you enjoy doing, then you won’t attract someone who resonates. For example, if you say that you’re a gym junkie, but don’t actually enjoy the gym, then you’ll likely attract someone who isn’t compatible
  2. Use as many photos as you can. There’s lots of research that shows that the more photos you use, the better your chances are at getting a match. Including a range of photos helps your potential match get a better idea of what you look like and reduces the chances of any surprises when you do finally meet. It’s important to use recent photos, and avoid using filters – try using natural light instead, which is the most flattering light on everyone. Ensure that the clothes you’re wearing in the photo still fit and that you still wear them – if not, then the photo is too old
  3. It’s all about you! Don’t include photos of other people in your profiles because the match might like the wrong person. Keep the focus on you, so it’s clear who you are
  4. Get a friend involved. If you’re unsure, try getting a friend to check that you’re giving an honest representation of yourself and that the photos you’re using look like you. In fact, sometimes your friends can actually be more positive than you are, and can provide a new insight that you never thought of!

Lumen is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) tailored to the needs and habits of the over-50s that makes it as easy as possible to meet genuine, like-minded singles in a safe community. All profiles are verified and the community has a zero tolerance for ageism or inappropriate conversations.


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