No-Bake Christmas Recipes For Kids

No-Bake Christmas Recipes For Kids

Want to keep little ones occupied when the weather is far too miserable to leave the house but don’t want the hassle of a massive clean-up? These no-bake Christmas recipes are perfect!

Chocolate Cornflake Wreaths

Pretty and delicious, these are cornflake cakes with a twist! Instead of using standard melted milk chocolate, use white chocolate with one or two drops of green food colouring until you get your desired shade of green. Add cornflakes as normal and then form into wreath shapes on greaseproof paper – you can even add red sweeties on top for holly or sprinkle stars and then pop in the fridge until firm and easy to remove.

Marshmallow Reindeers

These sticky santa’s helpers are delicious and adorable too! Place rows of two pretzels side by side on greaseproof paper before dipping marshmallows into melted chocolate. Place one coated mallow upright on top of two pretzels so they look like a pair of antlers from above and add chocolate drops to the mallow for eyes and a red sweet on the end for a nose. Place in the fridge until set and then enjoy!

Digestive Christmas Puddings

So easy but so effective, all you need for these is a packet of chocolate digestives and coloured icing. Using a piping bag, pour wavy white icing to one side of a digestive biscuit and while the icing is still wet, pipe green holly leaves on or cut these out of green sugar paste using a cookie cutter. You can also pipe or add red holly berries in the middle of the leaves for an extra festive look!


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