Finding happiness without the need of a relationship

Self-love and focusing on yourself

It seems we are all obsessed with getting into relationships because we think that’s what will make us happy, this is a common mistake that happens with men and women especially young adults as we feel we need that sense of fulfilment.

BUT…  sometimes a relationship is not the way to make you happy, happiness starts with loving yourself and its really simple to do this, learning how to look in the mirror and feel good about you is the way to gain that fulfilment that you crave.

Challenge yourself to put aside at least 10 minutes of your day focusing on yourself and doing something you want to do, just taking the time to take care of yourself is a great way to start a journey of self-love

So next time you feel that longing to be in a relationship stop and think if it’s what you really want, or do you actually need to learn to love your own self first.


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