Feeling frazzled post-summer?

Hair repair

Feeling frazzled post-summer?

By Sally Underwood

From barbecues and picnics to tanned limbs and languorous days on the beach, the summer months can be among the best of the year.

A couple of lazy weeks unwinding on holiday can offer some much-needed downtime, alongside a boost to our serotonin levels and vitamin D supplies.

But while great for our overall wellbeing, those days soaking up the sun by the pool can leave be less helpful for our hair health.

Between chlorine, salt, UV exposure and air conditioning, our delicate strands can take quite a battering as we enjoy days by the beach; manifesting itself in added frizz, new split ends, and an overall dull, dry appearance.

Luckily, there are some speedy ways to start restoring hair health before those suitcases are even fully unpacked.

For hair that feels frazzled, start with an overnight conditioning treatment to really give strands time to soak up some hydration. Alternatively, for a quicker fix and to use up all those hotel freebies, mix a few drops of hair oil or serum with a favourite conditioner and leave under a shower cap for 20 minutes (the build-up of heat under the cap allows the products to penetrate deeper).

After washing out, take some time to be extra gentle with hair, since it is at its weakest and most vulnerable to moisture loss when wet.  To avoid further breakage or loss of hydration, therefore, try to remove the majority of moisture from hair quickly using a microfiber style towel like the Lisse Luxe Hair Towel by Aquis (from £30, www.aquishair.co.uk).  Super absorbent, these towels can cut drying time by up to 50 per cent.

Finally, don’t forget the scalp; one of the most commonly neglected areas of skin in our quest for the perfect tan, and vital for hair health. Scalps that are dry and uncomfortable from heat and UV can be soothed using pure aloe vera gel overnight before washing out, or with targeted treatments like Espa’s cult classic conditioning treatment; Pink Hair and Scalp Mud (£34, www.espaskincare.com)



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