5 Easy things you can do to feel less stressed

By Daniella Panayi

5 Easy things you can do to feel less stressed

Despite our best efforts, sometimes stress gets the better of us. I think this is particularly fitting right now as we are constantly bombarded with updates and news on the current situation. However, now more than ever, it is important to take some time to think about ways that can help reduce our stress levels. So here are some top tips:

Find something that makes you happy

Whether that is baking a banana loaf of watching Netflix, make sure you prioritise some time in your day for something that makes you feel pure joy.

Keep connected

Technology is lifesaving and right now it is bridging the gap between loved ones. So this is a great time to check in on friends and family.

Keep your mind Busy

If there has been something you have wanted to do now is the time to do it. With so much time on our hands right now, it is important to keep our minds ticking over. Whether you want to start a blog or even just read a book until the end- this is the time to do it.

Social media

There are so many positives about browsing Instagram. However, we should be setting boundaries with how much social media we are consuming every day to help our mental health.

Structure is key

Before going to bed every night, write a list of everything you plan to achieve the next day and have that ready for when you wake up. Small goals are essential in making us feel a sense of achievement and purpose.





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