Three Uber-Instgrammable Summer Foods You Need To Try

Three Uber-Instgrammable Summer Foods You Need To Try

Summer is all about new, fun experience whether that’s trying out a new sport, visiting somewhere you’ve never been before or trying some delicious food. If you want help with the last one we’ve got just the list for you:


This is a Hawaiian speciality and is pronounce ‘po-kay.’ Poke is for serious seafood fans as it’s often raw fish like tuna or cooked octopus and is often served over rice with other delicious ingredients. Fresh and healthy!

Corn but not as you know it

You may wonder how corn on the cob can ever be worthy of the ‘gram, but this is Elote, a Mexican version of the dish which is covered in everything from sour cream, mayonnaise and spices to turn a boring cob into a flavour fiesta!

Charcoal anything

A black ice-cream may not look the most appetising but Instagrammers are going mad for any foods infused with charcoal and it’s signature murky colour. It’s been seen in everything from soft-serve to donuts, burger buns and pasta but just be careful. In moderate amounts charcoal won’t harm you, but an excessive intake can even put you in the hospital!


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