Your guide to the best exercise classes in London

Your guide to the best exercise classes in London

While getting a ‘bikini body’ should literally just involve putting body in a bikini, many want to do more exercise for simple health benefits, a boost of fell-good endorphins and even the chance to broaden their social circles and make some more friends. There’s no shortage of great, inventive classes in London and here are a few of the best.

Muay Thai at One Ldn

These Thai kickboxing sessions in Fulham are run by head combat coach David Tieu and are the number one Muay Thai club in the UK. If you want to tone up your legs and bottom this may be the perfect class for you as the sport requires you to be constantly moving and ready to strike, meaning you can channel your stress into a friendly fight that will make you fit.


Take a trip to the relaxing Ushvani spa near Sloane square where candlelit yoga meets cardio through a combination of traditional poses, breathing techniques and a few ‘physical and mental challenges’ to work your body and mind.

Flying Fantastic

The sight of a room full of suspended ribbons may make you wonder if you’re even capable of what you’ve signed up for, but this fun form of exercise through aerial fitness is a great way to get out of a gym rut and try something new. With four venues across London you’ve got your pick and stick at it and you’ll feel like a cirque du soleil member in no time.

Anti-Desk Yoga

This type of yoga workout is designed to combat the dreadful posture we can bring upon ourselves by slumping at a desk all day and helps to strengthen muscles and relieve tension. Taking place at Frame, Kings Cross, you’ll feel your work-stress melt away.


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