Why you should man up and shower cold

Head shower while running water

Why you should man up and shower cold

Cold showering might sound like your idea of hell. Waking up to a torrent of ice cold water instead of the usual warming hug is a hard taste to acquire or even to really consider.

But did you know that cold showering can provide a whole wealth of benefits you’ve probably not even considered?

Katharine Hepburn swore by cold showers as a beauty secret. And with good reason. Cold showers in the morning can provide both physical and psychological benefits for those who are daring enough.

Stress relief is just the start, as you turn that tap from warm to cold you are not only demonstrating a willingness to commit yourself to better health, which can result in a greater sense of willpower but you’ll also increase your heart rate.

As the cold water makes you breathe quicker, you’re metabolism increases. This in turn starts to burn extra calories and gets your blood pumping.

As this happens fresh oxygenated blood starts running around your body and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Fresh bloody circulating means your muscles are getting a good flow of nutrients, which can promote quicker muscle recovery if you’ve been working out hard. And also the tightening of the pores in your skin will help get rid of any dirt but also help promote tighter skin and healthier shiny hair.

The effects of a cold shower don’t just stop here either. If you’re willing to take on an arctic blast in the morning, you’ll find yourself more youthful and with a new lust to take on the day.


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