Wear your 5 A Day 

Wear your 5 A Day
Skincare has never been so in demand. Maybe its because more of us have that little bit of extra time on our hands and that’s face it, we don’t really have anywhere to go that warrants putting on a full face of make up everyday.
It really is the perfect time to start investing some time into your skincare and taking some time for YOU!
I for sure can say its definitely made me feel more confident going make up free knowing that my skin is glowing. (Albeit under some PPE whilst on my supermarket sweep)
We’ve been super lucky with the weather with Vitamin D being a great vitamin to make you look and feel perky. But then again, we all know eating our 5 portions of fruit and veg not only contribute to a healthy lifestyle but promotes good skin  as well. So why just eat it when you can wear it too.
Let me  show you the front runners that are leading the way using fruit ingredients to help deliver that extra surge of the daily dose of nutrients to help you come out of quarretine looking like you”ve just stepped out of 2019!
Who knew we could reverse time time in lockdown??
1.The Skin Cleanser
Inspired by juice cleanses used to help detoxify the body, Ole created his version of a “juice cleanse” with
this new luxurious lather that removes dirt, oil, and longwear eye makeup without stripping skin for a remarkably sensorial experience. Its addictive natural orange citrus scent with turn you normal day
to-day cleansing into an uplifting ritual. This multi-tasking cleanser contains PHA (polyhydroxy acid) to help
loosen and lift dead skin cells, orange fruit water to help revive and refresh the skin.
2. The Firming One
The Perfect Fruit and Vegetable Daily Moisturiser Replacement in the shape of a serum . A complex blend of bio- active plant oils to instantly firm and regenerate cells for a brighter and more youthful looking complexion. If there was ever a product to name itself so aptly then this would be it. Packed with Pomegranate, Chia, Broccoli and Black Cumin, you’ll be ticking the vitamin boxes in one swoop with this gorgeous Serum
3. Juicy Lips
DOTCOM BALM By Glossier.£10.
Glossier is the cult brand that pretty much all of us have an obsession with.
 With their sleek packaging and range of products, its no wonder they were going to appear with a product so great that made it in 8…. Yes, 8 flavours instead of just 1.
5  pretty much slay the most wanted fruit flavours that’ll leave you licking your lips just as an excuse to try another flavour. The silky textured soft wax comes in Coconut,Mango,Berry, Cherry and Mint…. as well as a few cheeky other variations. My favourite is Cherry as it has a hint of colour so it makes me feel like I’ve made more of an effort then I actually have whilst keeping my lips super soft and kissable!
4. One for the make up bag.
Ciate £18
Say the word Watermelon and I’m instantly sold. So when Ciate put the Watermelon Burst Primer was up for grabs, My hand was firmly up in the air!!
A perfect way to hydrate and moisturise skin this primer is a unique aqua serum that grips foundation for a longer wear and added glow. A lightweight pink jelly base containing seed-like watermelon droplets supplies the skin with intense hydration and maximises the longevity of your foundation. You’ll almost feel like not wanted to cover it up, but that glow still manages to push through. Trust me you’ll love it.
5. The ones for the body.
By UP CIRCLE £14.99
Your skin is the bodys biggest organ, therefore even if you drink a lot of water it also benefits for that extra helping hand from the outside to keep it soft and smooth.
Removing dead skin cells in the form of a body scrub not only polishes the skin in stimulates detoxification I those stubborn cellulite prone areas!! ( You know where I mean!!)  With the ground aribica coffee beans being mixed with the zesty tangerine, Up Circle have hit the nail on the head with a product that makes you want to race into the shower. Look out for there other gorgeous infused coffee based gems. The Coffee and Lemongrass hand wash has quickly become my go to for my bathroom.
One for the tresses.
Be Gentle, Be Kind Kale+Apple Replenishing Super Food Conditioner
By Briogeo £28
If I didnt know better, then I could easily of picked up this clean cut bottle of superfood and taken a swig! Instead serve this hit of multi vitamins to your tresses and show it some TLC in the shape of this Kale Spinach and Apple smoothie infusion that will strengthen and restore each strand of your hair making it a perfect addition to your wellness routine.
7 .The Allnighter.
Drink Up. Intensive overnight hydrating mask with Avocado and Glacier Water.
By Origins.£22
If your skincare routine resembles that of a person who wants to get fit yet can’t be bothered to run. Then choose a good steady and rich staple that will go the distance like slow paced walk through the countryside. This mask is just that and will deliver results to you ten fold with minimum effort. The buttery soft texture derived from Avocados will quench the thisty of skin and deliver maximum nourishment for a whopping 72hrs!!


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