Top 10 Tips for Winter Wellness this Party season!

Top 10 Tips for Winter Wellness this Party season!

‘Tis the season for cold mornings and dark nights, and with
party season looming, it has never been more important to
keep ourselves fit and healthy. Follow these top tips and you’ll
be dancing the night away at the next Christmas party!

1. Gym not Gin (or both)
With daylight lacking, so is our motivation to get up and go.
Yet, during these wintery months, exercise becomes one of
the most important aspects to staying healthy. Nothing too
drastic, perhaps parking your car further away or joining a
gym class, is a great way to start.
2. ‘8 is the magic number’
It is as simple as getting your sleep- all night, every night.

3. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!
It’s now more important than ever to get drinking- soups,
herbal teas, and more importantly Water! Staying hydrated
will be key to keeping your body rejuvenated and fight those
germs away. Get yourself a water bottle, and start drinking!

4. Woolly hats, scarves and…. Glitter!
The days for all the knitwear lovers and the nights for the
sequin sensations. Stay warm and fabulous!
5. Stock up on your Vitamin C &Vitamin D
With the days getting shorter and the common cold rife,
Vitamins plays a part in keeping us fighting fit. Vitamin D to
help combat the lack of sunlight on those dark days and
Vitamin C to build your immune system.

6. ‘5 a day keeps the cold away’
Get your Vitamins the best way- the fresh way!

7. Soothe your skin.
Nothing gets your skin cracking more than the bitter cold. So,
invest in a good moisturiser and moisturise every day maybe
even twice a day!

8. Time to stop stressing!
As Christmas approaches, our work load begins to pile up.
Work stress, seeing family, buying presents, partying! All
these worries don’t help even the strongest immune system.
Remember to take it easy! Not buying that present won’t be
the end of the world!
9. Treat Yourself
With the added stresses of the season, it’s time to dig out
your luxury face masks, bottles of bubble bath and breathe!
It’s never been more important to take some time out- it’s
good for your health, skin and life.

10. Live Life in moderation
Party season- a time of excessive drink, food and glitter.
Therefore, arguably the most wonderful time of the year. So
take it easy and enjoy self. You deserve it!


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