“NEAT – A weight loss technique you’re probably already doing” 

If you’re looking to lose that unwanted bit of weight before summer you’ll no doubt already be looking at cleaning up your diet and getting exercise in.

When it comes to losing weight it is all about the amount of calories you burn vs the amount of calories you eat. It’s that simple.

So if you’re looking to increase your daily calorie expenditure then there’s an easy little technique you can employ to get the weight falling off even quicker.

NEAT, right?

NEAT is an acronym for ‘non exercise activity thermogenesis’, which is basically a long way of saying that doing the ironing can burn calories.

As you might have guessed from the fairly complicated sounding term, NEAT is anything that requires you to burn calories that isn’t part of your exercise program.

By making a conscious choice to get up and get moving in anyway through the day you’ll find yourself burning a surprisingly high amount of extra calories when totalled up at the end of the week.

As an example, a 20 minute hoovering session round your flat could burn 100 calories or even more.

If you take a short 20 minute walk after dinner you’ll add another 80 calories to that total. Couple that with washing the car or mowing the lawn and you’ll be burning as many calories as you would in a conventional gym session.

Remember, losing weight is all about keeping those calories under your daily maintenance level. 2000 calories a day for girls and 2500 for guys. Roughly.

So get your diet cleaned up and get your house cleaned up too, because the extra calories you burn whilst doing it just might make a big difference when it comes to your weight loss goals!


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