How to Train for Your First Pull Up – 3 Steps

blonde woman working out and doing some pull ups at a gym

How to Train for Your First Pull Up – 3 Steps

You’ve no doubt seen the videos online of guys and girls pulling up their own bodyweight like they’ve got organs filled with helium.

But how can you train to be able to be the master of your own weight like them?

Pull ups are a great exercise to build core muscles, your back and improve overall upper body strength and stamina.

Which is all good, for those that can do them.  Here’s how to start your journey to pull up number 1.

#1 Lose Fat

Pretty simple. To make the weight you’re having to raise to the bar, just lose a bit of that unwanted weight!

#2 Build the right muscles

To strengthen the primary muscles used during a pull up we’d recommend lat pulldowns and even bicep curls.

#3 Go negative

Jump up the bar so you are at the top of the pull up position and lower yourself down slowly. Make sure the muscle stays contracted through the negative motion. Train like this to get used to your bodyweight and keep your form on point!


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