5 Top tips to put the ‘fun’ back into exercising

5 Top tips to put the ‘fun’ back into exercising

By Daniella Panayi

Whether you’re an ex-runner or a yoga guru, it can be quite hard to stay motivated during this time of isolation. Exercising is something that can easily become a chore for us, and that’s when we lose motivation to move our bodies.

So here are a few top tips to keep things fun during this time:

Try a new skill

Interested in getting into yoga? Well, you don’t need a class to start, head on over to YouTube and find one of the many ‘Beginner’ online classes all for free.

Back to basics

Whether it is running, walking or even hoola hooping- anything works as long as you get your body moving and enjoy it!

Do it with a buddy

Whether this is someone you live with or over Facetime. Find a friend or partner who will work out with you and keep you on track.

Think about your strengths

If running is something you’ve always done, why not try it in a different form. How about trying sprints as well as long distance?

Set yourself a goal

Want to run 5k in 30 mins? Then set yourself clear and achievable targets to reach where you need to be.



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