5 Savvy self-care tips that don’t involve a facemask

5 Savvy self-care tips that don’t involve a facemask

When it comes to practising self-care we are bombarded with the idea that a simple spa day is powerful enough to fix all of our problems. Whilst in some cases it might not be completely outrageous that a manicure can indeed lift our spirits, it is important to think long-term and how we can create a lifestyle.


Whether you’re running, walking or even walking your dog it is important to get our bodies moving. Sometimes the simplest of activities are great for clearing the mind.


The art of meditation is exactly that, an art. It can take time to master the process of clearing your mind. There are several apps such as ‘Headspace’ which you can download onto your phone and use whenever necessary.

Keep a diary

A few sentences each day describing all the things you are grateful for and exactly how you are feeling.

Plan your day

What are your goals for the day? No matter how small, write them down and use them as a guide on what to achieve.


Find yourself a good book, fiction or non-fiction. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or wanting to escape to an alternate reality, reading is a great way to do this.


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