10 Problems Every Gluten-Free Person Understands

10 Problems Every Gluten-Free Person Understands

Like with any trend, the Gluten-free craze has become unstoppable. Whether you’re old, young, have been gluten free all of your life, or recently made the change, it’s something that has become quite popular in the average household.  With such an increase in the number of people needing to eat a gluten free based diet, the demand on restaurants and supermarkets to cater for them has also improved (finally!). Nowadays, you will find many restaurants with their own menu dedicated to gluten-free dishes, and more recently whole restaurants devoted to Gluten- free goods.

So it is safe to say, that there have been some major improvement in the market, however there are still hurdles that any gluten-free person faces on a daily basis:

  1. The humble bread basket

The warm, freshly baked bread that graces your table at the restaurant. Yes. You can’t eat that.

  1. Labels

You learn to read every label, looking for those bold words highlighting everything you can’t eat.

  1. Turning down Treats

All those biscuits and cakes that you can never eat when you go to friend’s houses.

  1. Birthday Cake

99.9% of the time the Birthday cake available is not an option, unless it is your own birthday.

  1. Potatoes and Rice

The most popular questions being asked, “I thought they contained gluten?”

  1. Pizza and Pasta

Whilst the alternatives are great and have definitely improved, it’s never quite the same.

  1. Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit??

When things get tempting, you weigh up your options. Is the biscuit worth the pain?

  1. Pricey

Your Food will always be more expensive than normal food with the added extra pounds for your gluten-free meal.

  1. Cooking

Cooking more than one meal and so that you can eat and enjoy food too.

  1. Bring your own

Sometimes, it’s best just to bring your own free from selection of goodies to avoid not having anything to eat.


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