5 brilliant home workouts to try

Work out in the comfort of your own home

Going to the gym can be time consuming and sometimes we need something we can do in the comfort of our own home, here are 10 workouts you need to try!

  1. Variations of squats- get that perfect butt by doing a mix of the original squat, sumo squats and pulses.
  2. Mountain climbers- brilliant for building core muscle strength
  3. Leg raises- great for building up glutes as well as toning up your legs
  4. One hand raised plank- a harder variation of the plank alternate between leaning on one hand and the other raised, insanely good for core strength
  5. Wall sits- perfect exercise to do whilst watching tv, simply place your back flat on a wall and go into a squat position, insanely good for core strength as well as targeting your legs


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