The surprising benefits of a cup of tea

Is there anything better than a warming cup of tea and a biscuit to relax? Now we’ve got even more reason to enjoy a brew…

It may help women to live longer

According to an Australian study in 2015 which studied the health records of 1,000 women aged 75 and up, it was shown that the women who had an average of two cuppas per day 40% were likely to live longer than women that didn’t.

It may help in preventing Dementia

Research conducted by the National University of Singapore suggested that

drinking black, oolong or green tea reduced the risk of cognitive impairment in older people by 50%. This risk was boosted to 86% for participants who were genetically at risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

It may help to keep that youthful glow

If you see any advert for face creams/serums/oils or any other lotions and potions you’ll know that most of them rave about containing anti-oxidant properties, but there’s no need to splash the cash on a new skincare routine. Tea contains anti-oxidants which can help slow down the appearance of ageing and help your cells to regenerate and repair.

Go on, put the kettle on!





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