Parisian Style for Summer

Parisian Style for Summer

Je ne sais quoi? We reveal the “quoi” in how those French Fashionistas do it!


French-inspired fashion flair has made a huge comeback for Summer and we have to admit, we’re very excited! For years, we have admired the classic red lip, tousled bedhead hair and simple silhouettes worn by our favourite screen sirens and models. I think most of us can say we have purchased a Breton-style tee, with visions of ourself parading down the Champs-Élysées with a coffee in hand looking tres chic… No? Just me then. What we can all agree on is the fact that Parisian attire oozes sophistication and style while always adding an element of sexy, think Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. But French style is way more than a stripy t-shirt and a black beret, and we want to tell you how Summer fashion is heavily inspired by French fash.


High waisted trousers have been popping up in our high street stores for a while but they are extremely on trend for Summer. The higher waisted, the better. The reason? Well, who wouldn’t want to create the illusion of legs that could rival ANY of the Victoria’s Secret Angels? High waisted garments have been a trend that Parisian girls have been applying for many years. Paired with an understated top or blouse and mile-high heels, an outfit following these rules will make you look like you’re hot off Paris Fashion Week.


Wrap dresses are flattering for every body type, as they are great at giving the illusion of a smaller middle, due to their waist cinching abilities. French style has always been a fan of the simple wrap dress, adorned with pretty prints in bright colours. Chances are, you already have a wrap dress in your wardrobe but only bring it out on those hot summer days when you feel confident enough to show off your bronzed pins. Take note from those stylish French girlies and dress down your wrap dress with a black leather jacket and baker boy hat. This will give this piece more versatility and allow you to wear a wrap dress when the weather drops to a cooler temperature. Paris style has always been great at combining “girly” prints and styles with more edgy pieces, such as biker jackets and boots making for a great street-style outfit. Pair your wrap dress with simple peep toe heels for evenings and let your dress do the talking!


How many jeans do you own? I’d put money on you owning more jeans than you actually wear. I’d estimate that I own about eight pairs of jeans and reach for only two regularly. Jeans have always been a classic wardrobe staple in French fashion but the styles differ for each person – One thing ALWAYS remains the same, and that is the fit! Parisian woman seem to understand that splurging on a well fitted pair of jeans is way more cost effective than spending smaller amounts of many. The style that is hot for Summer are high waisted (of course!), cropped, flaired jeans. Of course, the style of jean is a personal preference but remember to make sure that they fit perfectly and you’ll be on to a winner!


Not forgetting all you guys out there, who want in on this French fashion fix! Tonal dressing is big right now, as featured in many S/S18 Fashion shows. Think dressing in head-to-toe black but with ANY colour you can think of. The easiest colours to test thing tonal dressing would be navy or grey but feel free to try any colour you can think of. This look translates well for any occasion. Using different shades of navy will work perfectly for workwear while testing out tonal pastel shades are perfect for a Summer holiday.


Breton striped t-shirts have always had a place in Paris. If you want to steer aware from the “norm” of a horizontal striped tee, why not follow trend from the catwalks and turn those stripes vertical?! Vertical stripes are the hot trend for men’s prints, popping up on everything from bomber jackets to cuffed shirts. Remember that you want to keep the stripes simple and thin, make sure you don’t overload your outfit with too much colour – Keep everything else simple and you’ll be turning heads!



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