The Magic Garden

Set on the site of King Henry VIII’s former tiltyard at Hampton Court Palace. The Magic Garden is a family play garden designed by landscape architects Robert Myers Associates. The garden is becoming a landmark destination as it provides a unique and special way for families to explore the palace’s past and come face to face with mysterious mythical beasts. You will notice for sure the playground’s 25ft long dragon which lies sleeping in a giant sand pit. So if, like us, you are looking for fun, then you’d rather prepare yourselves to find other things like tournament ground, wildwood, Perspective Pergola, Mythical Beasts Lair, Strange Topiary Garden, encampment, and a spiral mount with moat and grotto. In addition to tiltyard towers which contain various themes for exploration and learning. So this is the sort of place to be at in this Easter holiday as it will re-open its doors beginning from 30 March 2018.


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