The lowdown on the Keto

Diet information surrounding the latest diet trend

Much like fashion trends diet trends go in and out of style with the latest one to hit us being the Keto-diet, we decided to understand what this diet actually is and what it has in store for us in relation to health benefits.

So, what is the keto-diet? Keto or in full ketogenic according the diet doctor derives from the fact that the body produces ketones instead of sugar as a form of energy. So essentially a keto-diet has the benefits of fasting without actually doing so. People who should not do this diet are people who suffer with diabetes, high blood pressure or are breast feeding despite the diet being incredibly safe it is not suitable for any one of these people.

The keto diet entails cutting down on the amount of carbs you are eating in order to remain in ketosis allowing your body to safely lose the excess weight. So, what does this diet actually do for you? Well as well as the aspects of it to help you lose weight the keto -diet also helps to practice appetite control helping you to battle them constant hunger pans. The keto diet also helps to lower blood sugar and in some cases reverse type 2 diabetes, as well as resulting in a calmer stomach overall.

So now you know the lowdown of the keto -diet why not give it a try?


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