Win vegan-friendly mental health bundle!

Win our vegan-friendly mental health bundle!

The prize includes a 2-month supply of:

  1. Nootropic Complex – A unique formula with carefully selected ingredients to support
    cognition, focus and memory and reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.
  2. Comforting Essential Oil Blend with Oil Burner – A soothing, cosy blend of pure essential
    oils that feels like a caring hug.
  3.  Vitamin D3 – High strength capsules of the “sunshine vitamin” to help regulate mood and improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  4.  Balance Tisane – A herbal infusion full of adaptogenic herbs to reduce the effects of stress on the body and improve mental resilience.
  5.  Super B Complex – A combination of seven B Vitamins to help guard against depression and fight tiredness and fatigue.
  6. Probiotic Gold – Poor gut health can affect your whole body, including your brain. Creating a healthy gut environment with our 20 billion CFU probiotic supplement can help to prevent major illness.
  7. Unwind Tisane – A herbal infusion designed to help relax, calm, and promote a good quality sleep. The perfect drink before bed.
  8. Valerian Root – A remedy used for thousands of years to promote sleep and reduce anxiety.
  9. Sleep Oil – A natural aromatherapy pulse point oil in a rollerball bottle. The soothing aromas relax and calm and encourage a deep sleep.For your chance to win simply follow all steps below:
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Win vegan-friendly mental health bundle!

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