10 Lucky Winners – WIN! an All Natural 500mg CBD Relief Cream worth £29.95

10 Lucky Winners – WIN! an All Natural 500mg CBD Relief Cream worth £29.95, yes you read that right 10 LUCKY WINNERS

This all Natural CBD Relief Cream is non-sticky and dries quickly.  It is made from premium quality Cannabidiol isolate extract, a blend of essential carrier oils for skin toning and moisturisation and comfrey to soothe irritated skin promoting new skin cell growth and renewal.  It also contains our best Amber Colloidal Silver that has antibacterial properties to assist those with problem skin.  It has been designed to relieve painful joints and to clear bacterial and fungal skin problems.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

CBD or full name Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis and DOES NOT produce a high and is legal and safe for topical use.

The CBD acts on body cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the body.  There are two major types; one in the central nervous system including parts of the brain and spinal cord and secondly in the immune system tissues.  Both have been found in the skin.  Researchers have shown that CBD appears to modulate and block the effects of the receptors.

One of the main uses for topical CBD products is for musculoskeletal complaints.  A report in 2019 from the Arthritis Foundation on a survey of 2,600 patients discovered that 79% of the patients surveyed had considered using CBD and 15% of them were using it topically applied to joints.

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