The Top High-street Beauty Products of 2019

The Top High-street Beauty Products of 2019

Topping up your beauty bag or replacing old products can be an expensive affair. When your favourite designer foundation is a pricey purchase and your cleanser costs and arm and a leg it can really add up. Luckily, high-street beauty has boomed over the past few years with budget brands making products that rival their well-known counterparts and cost a fraction of the price. Here are some of the best budget beauty bargains.

Simple Kind to Skin Miceller Water

The key to great skin is making sure you properly remove traces of sun-cream, make-up and general grime after a long day and Simple has you covered. The triple purified miceller water has clever bubbles that help lift product from your pores and contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C for a skin-care boost. It’s also perfect for people with sensitive skin as there are no perfumes, no alcohol, no parabens and no harsh chemicals that can upset skin.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Out of all the products on this list, this may be the one you have heard about most. This tonic has become a cult classic and is loved by everyone from supermodels to Hollywood A-listers. Gone are the days of scrubbing your skin red with apricot scrubs. Pixi Glow is a chemical exfoliator that uses 5% glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and leave you with squeaky clean and glowing skin.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturiser

If you want your skin to feel smooth, supple and super-nourished but find that a lot of moisturisers only make it angry and slimy then we’ve got the solution. This hypoallergenic moisturiser is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin that may be prone to redness and has calming ingredients like oat and feverfew. Even better, it’s also SPF 30 so you can protect your skin from irritation and the sun.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation

If you want to save your luxury foundation for special occasions and have something that will still keep you flawless every day then this foundation is a must. Ideal for normal to oily skin, this foundation has surprisingly full coverage for such a lightweight formula, and it blends seamlessly into the skin for a natural finish. Blurring micro-powders help to conceal pores while anti-shine properties keep you looking fresh all day.

NYX Holographic Halo Shimmer Stick

Whether you want to add a subtle touch of sparkle to the inner corners of your eyes or go for a full-on glam look, this shimmer stick from NYX is versatile and very dreamy. Available in several multi-tonal shades to help you achieve a frosty blue or peachy pink shine, with these sticks a little goes a long way. Your cheekbones will never look so good!


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