Shifting perceptions on CBD infused skincare

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Shifting perceptions on CBD infused skincare 

CBD might be the biggest and latest craze for wellness support right now but it is also making its way into beauty and skincare products. Many existing cosmetic companies are starting to add ranges that include CBD as the next big super ingredient for the skin but do they really know how to handle the CBD and all the compliance restrictions that apply to the industry? Would you prefer to get these CBD skincare products from a cannabis company that knows cannabinoids intimately to ensure you are getting the most out of this super ingredient?  Probably, and this is exactly why The HuGG Co. has introduced a range of cosmetic grade skincare products. CBD can work wonders for maintaining soft, glowing skin and with the support of CiiTECH Ltd the HuGG range is a cut above the rest.

Is CBD the next super skincare ingredient?

There’s always a new super ingredient making it’s way into our minds, from Aloe Vera to hyaluronic acid and even caffeine. CBD works brilliantly alongside these other natural-based ingredients and all the plant power they bring to our skin. CBD is cannabidiol, a compound extracted for cannabis (hemp) plants, but not all CBD is equal, there are different extraction processes and variations of purity. Cannabidiol isolate is the ingredient you need to look out for in your cosmetics, it’s the purest form of CBD you can get. You don’t need a lot of it like you do if using oil as a food supplement as it’s so pure. It also works wonderfully alongside other cosmetic ingredients and natural oils so you get the benefits of all the super ingredients, not just the CBD.

Why use CBD isolate and not CBD oil?

The use of cannabidiol isolate in cosmetics skincare is recommended by dermatologists and scientists for the quality and stability of the product. It is the purest form of CBD you can get which ensures you are not wasting some of the CBD content on other minor cannabinoids that are still mixed in with the CBD extract and are not known to be beneficial for the skin. Using full-spectrum oil (like you get in the tinctures) for skincare is not advised by researchers and dermatologists because of the inclusion of other minor cannabinoids and even allergens that a full spectrum extract can contain. Customers, especially those with sensitive skin, need to know exactly what they are putting on their skin and using cannabidiol isolate means you know exactly what you are getting. It also blends with other ingredients better resulting in a more stable, long-lasting and quality product.

But there’s only a small amount of CBD in the product, is it still effective?

Sometimes it’s not all about the CBD, sometimes it’s about how the CBD sits together with other primary ingredients and becomes part of a product rather than being THE product, that’s where master formulators and studies come in, there is a science to skincare and creating fantastic products.

Why did CBD company The HuGG Co. introduce a skincare range?

Sara Flack says “For me this brand is all about self-care, being a mother of four boys is challenging and the first thing to suffer is my skin whether it be from stress, lack of sleep or pure neglect. While primarily a CBD oil company backed by CiiTECH (a cannabis biotech company) it was important to me to place a bigger focus on self-care and skincare. As someone who understands the hemp plant very well and the issues that can arise with hemp extract over time, it was important to me to create something commercial and cosmetic grade. I wanted to ensure we provide our customers with excellent skincare infused the purest and most potent CBD.

HuGG has always been about infusing cannabis into daily routines vis research and science. With our scientific standpoint and the backing of CiiTECH, who is invested in global cannabis research, we are achieving this and it’s only just the beginning.

It’s not illegal so why still the prejudice against CBD topicals?  

CBD really is just another plant extract gifted to us by mother nature like aloe vera, or essential oils but because it is connected to Cannabis, it automatically comes under suspicion. Some countries do not allow any form of CBD and when you jump from country to country the legal regulations change. It’s a minefield that is leaving many consumers totally confused. This prejudice comes mostly from misunderstanding the difference between the marijuana and hemp plants and the separation between cannabis compounds like legal CBD and psychoactive THC (it’s the THC that makes it illegal and CBD isolate is 100% stripped of THC)

Shifting perceptions

Companies like CiiTECH, help advance the knowledge around cannabis, with a hope to mainstream the potential uses and benefits of using CBD orally and topically.

The world is shifting towards using more natural-based ingredients and the popularity of legal cannabis products is growing at a very fast pace. It’s only a matter of time before science combined with personal experience will officially expose the wonderful uses of topical cannabidiol. Look back 5 years ago, no one was even using CBD oils let alone for skincare. Today women around the world incorporate CBD in their daily regimes and rave about it on their Instagrams. When used topically, CBD penetrates the skin quite easily, supporting skin and also seeping through to the bloodstream for added benefits.


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