How to achieve a year-round glow

How to achieve a year-round glow

By Sally Underwood

Skin that has recently returned from a couple of weeks’ holiday often radiates with the afterglow of sun exposure and time spent using muscles often neglected while sitting at a computer the rest of the year (hello paddle boarding).

But once we get that glow going, how do we keep it alive throughout the winter months?

Aside from copious slatherings of fake tan, one of the quickest shortcuts to smooth, radiant skin year round could lie in body brushing.

Thought to have been around for hundreds of years, body brushing sees a thick-bristled tool used to manually exfoliate skin. The results can include, increased circulation, improved lymphatic drainage (and a consequent reduction in puffiness), as well as temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and an overall improved skin tone.

The physical action of sloughing off dead skin cells also encourages newer cells to the top layer, improving the look of skin and reducing flakiness.

To get on the brushing bandwagon, before showering use a tool such as the Mio Body Brush (£10,, which includes added rubber nodules for extra exfoliating oompf, or The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush (£7.96,, beginning at the feet and using a gentle upwards sweeping motion to brush the body.

The results may be temporary, but a quick three-minute brush each day should see benefits maintained. Finish with a quick sweep of moisturiser to nourish skin and help stay radiant all year round.




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