London’s most unusual bars

London’s most unusual bars

Looking for a watering hole that’s a little more unique than your usual haunts? Here are some of London’s most quirky bars and pubs to check out this summer.

Alfred Le Roy

It’s a bar, on a boat. We almost shouldn’t need to say more, but this floating fountain is from the Crate Brewery team and it serves cocktails while moored before taking passengers on a two hour booze cruise. Book here to float downstream and let your troubles float away too.

BYOC Camden

This bar is different to many others as it won’t serve you drinks, instead you’re responsible for bringing your own booze. This is in-keeping with the bar’s Prohibition theme and style, and those who book can be promised creative cocktails made with their choice of poison.

Callooh Callay

If you like all things weird and wonderful then get ready to fall down the rabbit hole when you visit this bar. The main parlour hides a bar-within-a-bar that’s aptly called Wonderland, meus are served in cassette cases and the toilets can be found behind secret doors. Offering a range of quirky cocktails with puns for names, you’ll feel like you’re worlds away from the every day.

First Aid Box

Do you love a drink but don’t like feeling ill the next day? Checking out First Aid Box might be just what the doctor ordered. With a medical theme thankfully verging more on the fun than the fearful, drinks here are boosted with superfoods, vitamins or even Lucozade syrup to show you that a trip to the doctors isn’t so bad after all.


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